Clean Plant Applications

Following are some of the many applications of Clean Plant technology.

Reducing Belt Drift and Improving Rate

Reducing Belt Drift and Improving Rate

Bulk material conveyors utilise the engineering principal of positive stability, such that when the centre of mass shifts away from a centre position a...
screen undersize chute buildup

Screen Undersize Chute Buildup

Clean Plant automated hosing can eliminate the need for operators to attend to screen undersized chutes

Optimising Shutdowns

Automated in-chute cleaning at targeted locations, such as primary crusher circuits, can significantly reduce critical path duration

Below Water Table Mining

Clean Plant helps with the challenges of below water table mining where material adheres to process equipment during downstream processing.

Eliminating fuel to prevent fires in process plants

Process plant fires are a common occurrence in the mineral processing industry. Automated hosing solutions can allow for a significant reduction in the use...

Reducing Water Consumption

Automated and targeted hosing of build up propagation points such as corners or transition zones can prevent build up from forming a flow obstruction...
Chute internals copy

Conveyor Transfers

Automated build up removal avoids blocked chute risk, reduces cleaning delays and helps with consistent loading mitigating belt drift
Reclaimer-centre chute copy

Reclaimer Centre Chutes

Automated cleaning during bench changes reduces the risk of centre chute blockage events, reducing cleaning delays and reducing the burden on plant operators

Stacker and ship loaders

Automated cleaning between trains reduces the risk of head chute blockage, reducing cleaning delays and reduces burden on plant operators.

Rat Holes & Bridging

Automated dislodgement of build up between trains can prevent blockage propagating and the formation of rat holes. Avoid contamination through efficient bin cleaning between...