Industries We Serve

We believe in making it easier for resources organisations to create a clean and therefore a safe and highly productive operating environment.

A clean plant is a safe plant and a productive plant.

Clean Plant removes operators from the line of fire through automating the task of plant hosing.

Automated hosing employs short targeted in chute wash events that are delivered at opportune moments to dislodge build up, and prevent it from propagating.

Clean Plant enables you to run your plant harder and for longer.

Iron Ore

Born in the Pilbara, Clean Chute is built for harsh and highly abrasive environments.

Coal and Bucket Wheel Excavation

The mass movement of cohesive material presents a significant material handling challenge.


Sticky materials like bauxite can create mass flow bridging problems. Ratholing occurs when material discharges straight downwards through the hopper outlet, and is more inclined to happen when the material is cohesive.

Clean Plant provides solutions for mass flow bridging.

Base Metals

Base metals plants have complex milling and grinding circuits. 

Any improvements – however small – that a mine can make in the efficiency of milling and grinding can have a significant financial benefit